INRS joined in a partnership with Rumney, NH-based North Country Procurement Inc. in 2015 to form Innovative Wood Fuels LLC (IWF).  The partnership focus is on production and distribution of refined semi-dry wood chip fuel for specialized boiler installations.


IWF has spent years perfecting roundwood air drying and processing protocols to achieve consistent chip size and target fuel moisture content levels with minimal capital cost in fuel processing.  The venture is now supplying refined dry chips to several New Hampshire installations.  IWF is currently evaluating supply logistics for sites in other northern New England states besides NH.


Refined semi-dry chips can be used as fuel in boilers that have a significantly lower capital cost than green chip boilers.  These boiler systems are ideally suited to heat loads in the 1 to 3 MMBTU/HR range.  IWF can deliver refined dry white pine and hardwood fuel in the $8-10/MMBTU heat output cost range, compared to heating oil at $26.50/MMBTU based on oil at $2.75/gallon.