About Us

Innovative Wood Fuels, LLC is a partnership between North Country Procurement, Inc. and Innovative Natural Resource Solutions, LLC, two firms with extensive experience in the woody biomass fuel sector.


North Country Procurement, Inc.

North Country Procurement, Inc. (NCP) was founded in 1986 by Robert Berti and James Dammann. NCP provides wood fuel procurement services to large industrial and commercial customers. A strong network of about 250 suppliers helps to meet the annual wood fuel needs for these clients which range in fuel consumption from 2,000 tons to 300,000 tons per facility. Clients include nursing homes, school districts, central heating facilities and large electrical generating biomass facilities. In total NCP is responsible for purchasing 1,300,000 tons on an annual basis. NCP personnel have extensive experience in analyzing and providing recommendations relating to wood fuel markets.


Innovative Natural Resource Solutions, LLC

Innovative Natural Resource Solutions LLC (INRS) has decades of experience in the woody biomass industry, and its biomass clients range from some of the largest biomass users in the country (e.g., Dominion Power in Virginia, ReEnergy Holdings in Maine and New York and Public Service Company of New Hampshire, New England Wood Pellet in New Hampshire and New York) to schools, hospitals and other community scale biomass installations using wood heat to cut oil consumption and costs. INRS principals include company founder Charles Levesque, Eric Kingsley and Charles Niebling. INRS has developed numerous woody biomass supply and pricing plans for a variety of public and private clients and also worked at the state and federal level on public policy issues affecting the woody biomass fuel industry. INRS brings its vast knowledge of wood fuel supply and pricing and many connections to wood fuel customers and policy makers to the Innovative Wood Fuels team. www.inrsllc.com